Beware of the Queen! There is more to marketing that just content.

Creating relevant content for your audience is important. What’s even more difficult? Getting your audience to engage with your content.

We have found that asking questions related to the content is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get engagement.
Here are four other best practices that can help you increase engagement with your content:
  1. Include links to related content. This encourages users to view additional content on your website/channel and increases the amount of time that they spend engaged with your brand.
  2. Build an email list. People are busy and may not always see your content on social media or your blog. Building an email list provides you with another means to share your content with your audience.
  3. Hold contests/giveaways. While we are in business to make money – sometimes you can give something away that has a lot of value to your audience, yet costs you little or nothing. Always be on the look out for things that you can share or give to your audience that will add value to their lives – or even just be fun!
  4. Create LONGER content. Try writing a blog or social media post with 1,000+ words instead of 300-500. Studies show that posts with 1,000 to 2,500 words tend to experience the highest user engagement. It makes sense. The more words there are, the longer site visitors will spend reading.
BONUS TIP: Create lists – just like this one here. Lists tend to increase user engagement and time spent reading your content!
That’s enough for a Monday morning . . .What things or best practices have you found that encourages your prospect/reader/viewer to engage with your content?

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