Are You Committed to Content Marketing?

I’ve learned this the hard way in 2021. As I’ve reviewed my goals (it’s that time of year – we’re almost done with the first two quarters of 2021!) I’ve realized, painfully, that I have totally missed one of my primary content marketing goals I set for 2021.
Full transparency, my goal was to create five new videos each week – focused on marketing, sales and leadership. I’ve fallen more than a bit short. As of this moment I’ve created just 34 videos this year ūüôĀ
The good news is that I’m going to learn from this failure, recommit to a revised goal for the rest of 2021 and do everything I can to hit or exceed that goal for the second half of the year.
For all of you to see . . . my updated goal is three videos per week which translates in to approximately 78 videos in the last six months of this year.
Here’s the silver lining to my failure . . . it wasn’t a total failure as my initial goal caused me to create 34 videos so far . . . likely 30. more than I would have created without my goal. A miss? Absolutely, although from a content marketing perspective – not a loss!
Yesterday I asked about your 2021 goals and how you’re doing. Tell me in the comments what you’ve learned? I look forward to hearing from you!

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