YouTube Adds Expanded Branding to a New Looking YouTube Channel

YouTube is releasing an updated and brand new looking YouTube channel page. If you have a channel for your online marketing – or even just for fun – you now have new options when it comes to branding your own YouTube channel.

You can get all the details here or you can simply download our FREE YouTube Channel Branding Template. A few quick tips to make sure your branding turns out perfect:

  1. Keep your logo, email address, phone number and website address in the SAFE area
  2. Design your YouTube channel graphic to fill the entire space (even it it’s just a background color) so that people that view your channel on their television will see a nicely branded channel and think better of you or your organization.

Click HERE to download a FREE YouTube Channel Branding Template

To give you an idea of how simple it can be here is what our channel branding looks like.



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