4 Simple Steps to Getting THOUSANDS of Twitter Followers

by | Jul 11, 2011

Getting followers on Twitter really isn’t too difficult although it does take a bit of time and persistence on your part. I opened my Twitter account in February of 2010 and within 12 months had nearly 30,000 followers. Here is my system:

  1. Determine what your objective is.  My goal was to establish credibility as an expert in the areas of social media, online marketing and small business.
  2. Pick a topic to tweet about. I don’t tweet much personal stuff. I would estimate that 70% of my tweets are about marketing and social media, 25% are motivational and inspirational quotations and 5% are personal or non-social media/marketing related.
  3. Tweet regularly. I try to tweet about 6 a day although some days I did better than others at hitting that target. Be consistent and if you miss a day (or three) get back to your objectives and keep moving forward.
  4. FOLLOW BACK. I follow back anyone who follows me – period. To me it’s like returning a handshake. If I’m at a networking event and someone reaches out to me to shake my hand I’m going to grasp their hand and shake back; following back on Twitter is the same to me.
What system do you use? Please drop me an email and let me know or feel free to share a comment on my blog (down below!). Please let me know if you have any questions.