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Jonathan Mast is the founder and chief internet strategist at Valorous Circle, a digital marketing firm based in West Michigan. In this role, Jonathan sets the pace for a team that provides all aspects of internet strategy and marketing, including website design, blogging best practices, online marketing, and social media engagement.

Jonathan Mast
Jonathan Mast
jonathan mast

Before founding Valorous Circle in 2010, Jonathan Mast worked for almost two decades in sales and marketing for a diverse range of organizations, including two small business start-ups, an international IT service business, and a division of the federal government.

Jonathan has also traveled globally as a consultant, teaching sales professionals how to effectively sell and deliver solutions to clients such as: United Parcel Service, Washington Mutual Bank, Con-Way Transportation, CSX Railroad, and other Fortune 1,000 clients. He’s taught hundreds people how to ask effective questions, identify pain within an organization, and provide solutions that exceed client expectations.

Today, Jonathan leverages his many years of expertise to work with a variety of business and non-profit clients, helping them craft targeted messages, digital marketing, and online branding solutions that engage their target audience using the proven EIEIO Online Marketing™ and Targeted Messaging™ system.

Jonathan Mast lives in West Michigan with his wife, Beth (his partner in life and business), and their youngest son (his oldest son, daughter-in-law, and beautiful grandchildren live in Minnesota). In addition to being passionate about his work, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family, photography, experimentation in the kitchen (some people actually refer to this as cooking), hobby farming, and riding motorcycles.