Local Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization that WORKS!

Can a small business really compete with the “big guys” when it comes to local search marketing?

Although it often seems difficult if not impossible the answer is a resounding YES! Some effective Local Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization can go a LONG way!

I’d like to share a local search marketing story with you of a client of mine that is based in Grandville, MI a suburb of Grand Rapids, MI. Ann Lessard of A&S Embroidery runs a boutique embroidery business and turned to Valorous Circle almost two years ago to help her compete online more effectively. Valorous Circle met with Ann to learn about her business and to understand who her target market was. After listening to Ann and reviewing her brand we began designing a website for A&S Embroidery that would highlight her expertise and capabilities while appealing to her target market – business people who were looking to increase their brand identification through the use of high quality embroidery.

After about six weeks A&S Embroidery’s new website was designed, developed and available for the world to find. Almost immediately Ann began receiving positive feedback. Business people have been finding A&S Embroidery online regularly and just last week Ann got two amazing phone calls – both because she and her business had been found online.

The first call came from a television producer in Australia. They are expanding to the US for show taping and distribution and they need shirts, caps and other product to sell on their website. It wasn’t practical to ship products made and embroidered in Australia so they wanted to find a competent, professional embroidery firm in the US to be able to use. They did an online search for embroidery in the USA and A&S Embroidery was one of the first listings they saw. They contacted Ann and the rest is history as they say – a new international client for a small business based in Grand Rapids, MI!

The second call came later in the day from one of the nations largest outdoor retailers. This retailer had just opened a new store in the Grand Rapids area and had received a bunch of staff apparel from corporate – without the embroidery needed. Instead of returning the shirts, having corporate send new shirts and incurring a boat load of hassles, they decided (corporate and store management) to find a local embroidery company to take care of the embroidery on the staff apparel. They did a search for embroidery in Grand Rapids and A&S Embroidery was again one of the first listings. They contacted Ann and once again, Ann made the sale and has a new nationally recognized client!

Local search marketing and search engine optimization works if:

  1. You have a plan for local search marketing and search engine optimization.
  2. You follow your plan for local search marketing and search engine optimization.
  3. You follow through on the opportunities that come your way as a result of your local search marketing and search engine optimization.

Want to know what Ann thinks? Don’t take our word for it – listen to her for yourself.

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