Indifferent Crowds or Passionate Groupies?

As marketers we are often challenged to reach the broadest possible audience. Pushed to increase social media likes. Sometimes, even intimidated into watering down our message to include the largest possible number of people.
Each of these is a mistake. Your marketing should not be about how many people you can reach; it should be about how many people you can reach who are likely to want or need the product or service you are promoting. FOCUS is key.
One of the HUGE BENEFITS of digital marketing is that we, as marketers, can create unique TARGETED marketing messages that appeal to specific audiences. This means that if I’m marketing HVAC services to home owners I don’t need to stop with a generic marketing message that is designed to appeal to every homeowner in my service area. Instead, I can create, as an example, similar although unique marketing messages for home owners between 25 and 35, 35 and 45, 45 and 60 and those over 60.
Each of those home owner groups has similar, yet different needs and desires. By targeting my marketing message to each unique group I can find a group of people that LOVE my marketing message (and likely want to work with my company) as opposed to large group of people that simply thought my marketing message was mildly interesting.
Would you rather reach 100 people who were passionate about you and your company or 1,000 who just kind of liked what you do . . . in general?
Let me know in the comments. How could you better target your marketing message to get your prospects to LOVE what you do?
targeted digital marketing

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