Four Simple Tips to Energize Your Online Video Marketing

by | Mar 14, 2013

Online video marketing is effective; not too many people question this in 2013.

Online video marketing is easy; almost everyone questions this in 2013.

Online video marketing is effective, the stats prove it repeatedly. Online video marketing is not necessarily easy though. One of the most common questions we hear is this:

“What type of video will get and keep my audiences attention and how do I promote my organization and our services on video?”

There are four simple things you can do to ensure your online video marketing success:

  1. Entertain, Inspire, Educate, Instruct, Outrage: Video is an immersive media and you want your audience to have an emotional response to your videos. It’s an emotional response that will cause them to share your video with their friends, family and associates.
  2. Surprise: If your video is predictable chances are most of your audience won’t even watch the entire video. You need to keep your audience wondering what is coming next by providing them with small surprises through out your videos.
  3. Question: Posing a question can be a great idea although in this case I’m not talking about posing a question. Make your audience wonder . . . was that entirely real? Did that really happen? Find a way to make your audience wonder if everything that happened in your video really happened the way they think it did.
  4. Link your product/service: If you have done your job well to this point your audience has watched all but the last few seconds of your video. Now is the time for your product/service tie in. A tag line that relates to the video is a great way to do this.

So – still wondering how to do this? Fair enough. Take a look at the latest product video to be storming the internet. In the last 24 hours I’ve seen this on virtually every social media channel (often numerous times), on two national news networks and in untold emails. In less than 48 hours this video has amassed more than 7,000,000 views and the counter is still climbing fast. Simply put – this is incredible exposure.

I’m not saying you need to hire nationally recognized talent. You don’t need to spend a movie budget to create your online video marketing. You DO need to have a plan though and give your online video marketing some thought.

Imagine for a moment, just 1/100th of this success. How would you feel if your video simply got 70,000 views in 48 hours . . . what could that type of exposure be worth to you and your organization?