Why Joomla! is a brilliant choice for your website design and development

by | May 15, 2013

The internet might be an expansive universe that has no boundaries although it is built with websites. There are plenty of ways to create a website and using Joomla! is one such method. You may question is why would you want to use Joomla! in the first place? Why not WordPress, PHP based CMS platforms or even custom designed websites? Truth be told, there was a time when custom websites were all the craze since it gave complete independence to website owners in terms of appearance, functionality and growth opportunities. Today, things are a lot different and instead of investing into custom web designers and programmers you can use a platform such as Joomla! and power your website with minimal investment. Here are the leading reasons to think of Joomla! when designing and developing a website.

Joomla! is a CMS

CMS, short for Content Management System, is actually a platform that simplifies putting up a website, making changes and administering it. Yes, some amount of HTML, CSS and rudimentary programming knowledge is necessary but the good part about CMS is that anyone can learn it quick and become an expert. Naturally, finding programmers and website designers for Joomla! is cheaper and easier than finding them for custom websites built with expensive, difficult to use and proprietary website building software.

Joomla! allows use of extensive website templates

Joomla! is a template based platform. As explained before, it is a CMS and so it offers plenty of ready-made solutions. One particular area where it works great is in building the site look and structure. There are thousands of templates to choose from, many for free, that let you get a backbone for the site and then using Joomla! website developers and programmers customize it for your use. This is always less expensive and more efficient than building the website from scratch.

Joomla! is easy to navigate

Joomla! is designed to be user friendly. This means that it is easy to navigate for both developers and users. Hence, creating a simple and intuitive site for web surfers and users through Joomla! is easy. Anyone can do it and it costs less.

Joomla! makes updating and maintaining your website content simple

To keep your content updated on a traditional custom designed website you have to request that your programmers and designers to work in tandem. Every simple change means a call or email to your website developer and likely an invoice. With Joomla!, updating or adding new pages, images and content is super easy via a centralized dashboard. If you can type an email or upload an image to Facebook you can use Joomla! to manage and maintain your website without needing to contact and pay for expensive website developers every time you want a simple change.

Joomla! provides higher flexibility

Thanks to the many extensions and plugins available for Joomla! it is an extremely flexible and useful website development platform. Website owners can add lots of design and functionality aspect to their websites and many of these plugins and extentions do not need the involvement of a designer or programmer.

Joomla! is great for marketing and SEO

Joomla! templates and websites are designed keeping SEO and marketing in mind. They come with plenty of built-in SEO features that help in increasing exposure of your websites. Moreover, newsletters and email marketing is easier with Joomla! based websites.

Joomla! offers virtually infinite website design choices

Joomla! lets you customize the way your entire website appears. With practically no limitations you can get a website as you want it with talented Joomla! designers and you don’t need to break the bank to do it.

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