Why It’s Smart To Choose WordPress for Your Website Design & Development

by | May 13, 2013

Initially when WordPress came out it was highly misunderstood as a Blogging platform. Today, WordPress is a premier CMS platform that allows basic developers and website makers to own and operate powerful websites without requiring significant technical or programming skills. So, why is WordPress an excellent option over custom website design and development from a webmaster point of view? We can point out 50 or more reasons but here we look at the leading reasons to opt for WordPress as the backbone foundation of your website.

wordpress website design in grand rapids miWordPress = Money Saved

If you have a custom program you will heavily rely on your programmer or designer to make even the most basic of changes such as adding new text or pages. With WordPress, you can choose to either upload, edit and change layout, text, add and remove pages on your own with basic HTML and CSS knowledge or have a WordPress designer do the same for you in a fraction of the cost.

WordPress = Quick Communication And Results

With WordPress you never have to wait for days so that your designer can make the most basic changes. Every change happens immediately giving you and your visitors updated and timely details.

WordPress = Good Time Management

All you have to instruct your programmer to do is create the page layout and other stuff that requires a bit of HTML and CSS knowledge (alternatively you can learn this quick and with minimal effort) and then start scheduling posts beforehand to release on the site. This frees up time to look into other aspects of the site or other ventures.

WordPress = Excellent SEO Friendliness

The code used for WordPress is extremely streamlined and uses bare minimum HTML making it easier to index such sites on search engines. With the perfect set up you can unleash the true SEO potential landing up higher on SERPs.

WordPress = Search Engines Love WordPress

The more you contribute to your site, the more Google robots find your site attractive. WordPress sites with active work are magnets for crawlers and robots that index, crawl and search your site. In fact, WordPress sites usually take no more than 24 hours to index and at times just few minutes.

WordPress = Amazing Growth Potential

Categorizing posts, adding new pages and all such activities now take less time with WordPress. As an admin you can do all this from a single window instead of relying on PHP, javascript menus and an established programmer.

WordPress = Easy To Learn & Use

The most attractive feature of WordPress is that it is mighty easy to learn. As a website owner you can have WordPress programmers for the initial part and in a month or two you will know how to manage most of the tasks.

WordPress = Great Security And Safety

Plug-ins increase the potential of WordPress sites and with the right plug-ins your site is hacker safe. Having WordPress developers and programmers on your team, helps in ensuring security and safety without investing into plug-in development.

WordPress = Greater Functionality

For the money you invest you can get higher functionality in the form of plug-ins and out-of-the-box solutions. The same with a conventional design or website costs money at every step.

WordPress = Multi-Users

WordPress lets you retain complete control over the website giving partial access to programmers so that they make changes for only areas they are specialized in. Custom sites give full access to developers and programmers leaving you at their mercy.

Ultimately the choice is yours. If your website is intended to:

  • create credibility
  • drive opportunities to your door
  • engage with your target audience
  • and ultimately grow your organization

then you should seriously consider WordPress as the foundational framework of your website.

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