The Michigan Board of Education Has Lost it’s Mind

by | Mar 23, 2016

For those of you living in Michigan or who have children or grand children in Michigan I urge you to take a moment and review the Michigan State Board of Education’s proposed recommendations to allow children to choose their gender affiliation, name and sports teams without any inclusion of the child’s parents. You can read more about these recommendations at this link and provide your feedback for the Michigan State Board of Education.
I believe this is a dangerous and misguided recommendation. Just imagine if you would, an active 17 year old boy (young man) deciding that it would be fun to play on the girls soccer team and to shower with the girls in the girls locker room. Now imagine that this young man would be able to make this decision without any oversight from his parents and that school officials would be obligated to allow him to play and shower with the other girls (young women) on the team.  I may not be 17 any more although I remember quite clearly the impact that hormones can have on a young man’s decision making process and lead to some less than desirable results.
While I feel empathy for those that struggle with gender identification allowing boys and girls to share locker rooms and bathrooms is simply beyond any thing that I believe is “reasonable accommodation.”
What about those students who have determined they “are the gender they are” . . . do they not have any rights? Does a girl who thinks she’s a girl have to endure a “confused boy” showering in her locker room? Does a boy who thinks he’s a boy have to endure a “confused girl” who wants to shower in his locker room?
I don’t know where the Michigan State Board of Education believes it gets the authority to remove parents from such decisions and discussions with our own children nor do I understand how the proposed recommendations would create a “Safe and Supportive Learning Environment” as is the stated goal of the recommendations.
Please take a moment to read the recommendations and to leave comment for the Michigan State Board of Education as to your thoughts on allowing our children to choose their own gender affiliation, name, sports teams, locker rooms and restrooms without the inclusion of we the parents.
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