Supercharge Your Search Engine Rankings by 50x (5,000%)

by | Mar 21, 2012

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You’ve been working for months on the perfect keywords and key word phrases to use on your website yet you still don’t seem to get the search results you want. Sound familiar? Want to SUPERCHARGE your search engine results? 

“any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index” Forrester

I can’t stress the importance of using video to get your website ranked higher by Google (and the other search engines as well). What should you do video of? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Customer testimonials – nothing speaks more credibly than a client saying great things about you and your organization!
  2. Timely news items – share relevant news items and some commentary
  3. How To Tips – show your audience how to do some of the easier and most relevant things related to your products and services.

Video will help you establish credibility and connect with your audience in a way that words simply can not.

Added Tip!

Brand your videos with a short introduction and your logo to ensure that people who see your video know who you are (see this video for an example):