Responsive Website Design – What? Why? Where?

by | Feb 26, 2013

You may have heard a fair bit lately about responsive web design. You may have even wondered why it’s important. Well, responsive web design is important to your organization and to your target audience.

responsive web designResponsive web design means that your website and the content on it will automatically format correctly for the size of screen on the device requesting your website. In plain English – responsive web design allows your website to automatically reformat and look great on mobile phones.

In the past you had to maintain two versions of your website if you wanted to ensure that your mobile phone visitors could see your site. You also had to make sure you weren’t using any technologies that might work on a computer although not work on a mobile device. Adobe Flash for example was a popular way to create websites in the past yet it was essentially useless if your target audience wanted to view your website on their mobile phone as, in many cases, it would not even display on mobile phones.

Today, making your website work seamlessly on computers, tablets and mobile phones is as simple as using responsive web design. At Valorous Circle, we specialize in creating websites, email marketing and online marketing campaigns that work on virtually all computing platforms – from wide screen monitors to mobile phones and most everything in between.

What are your benefits of having a website that is responsive? Simple:

  1. Your target audience can now see your website on virtually any device – wide screen, laptop, tablet or mobile phone
  2. You do not need to maintain a separate mobile version of your website as responsive design automatically reformats to the size of the screen on the device viewing your website.
  3. More opportunities will likely be directed to your organization because more of your target market will be able to easily view your website
  4. Your credibility and reputation will likely be enhanced as users diminish the value of websites that they can not see easily.

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