Online Branding – Are You Touching the Hearts of Customers?

by | Sep 24, 2012

Does the phrase “attraction marketing” sound confusing or familiar? Actually, there is a simpler and much more effective phrase you can use — that is, “Online Branding.”

Now, when you think of online branding, several things should come to mind. Surely, a “brand” can be a symbol, a mark, or nearly any other form of VISUAL evidence that something belongs to you. Yet, such associations need to be highly personalized, especially in markets where millions of other online entrepreneurs compete for products and services similar to your own.

In current year 2012 online marketing arenas, it is said that one of your absolutely BEST “branding” strategies can be your company, product, or service “LOGO.”

This means that wisely placing even a simplified symbol of your integrity onto your communications media, your website pages, and your promotional advertisements can help the general public to recognize you.

Even more importantly, online branding also tends to breed a psychological or subconscious sense of familiarity. In other words, when people see your online branding symbol, they actually “feel” an urge to either communicate further with your, or to purchase something without the occurrence of the typical long delay process.

Want some ideas for branding your own service, product, or business? Here are three strong suggestions for superior online branding:

  • Talk with an affordable graphic designer [like Valorous Circle LLC] to help you create an actual IMAGE which transmits your vision, mission, and product or service objectives. Most people love to see pleasant visual characterization.
  • Use “interactive communication” or MESSAGING to actually talk in a language or style which speaks to targeted customers in a very personal way. For instance, developing a great, short, or simplified SLOGAN works great here.
  • Become the host of a targeted SOCIAL COMMUNITY. This recommendation works enormously well due to the advancements and prominence social media marketing technology. However, its greatest benefit is that “human” touch — meaning, REAL people begin to talk about your business and spread the good word on your behalf.

When you perform your online branding with well-thought-out distinction, you will receive countless advantages and rewards, including the following three:

  1. Your unique brand of online marketing leaves a positive impression on the human psyche which helps complete the attention, interest, desire, action method of sales closure;
  2. Branding online helps you to create long-term loyalty with your web customers plus bridge the visitor-to-customer transition gap;
  3. Online branding boosts both the initial and ongoing impact of nearly any online message or presentation.

Simply put, proper online branding will assist you in establishing that much needed “repetition” which governs the online buyer behavior process.

Could you use some help with your online branding efforts?

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