Mobile Websites – Does Your Business Need One Today?

by | Feb 6, 2009

In today’s economy many small businesses are trying to figure out how to stretch every marketing dollar and also how to connect with those prospects and customers who are most likely to purchase goods and services from them. Your website should certainly be a centerpiece in your marketing efforts and you may be considering whether or not you need to adjust your current website or even create a new website to serve the needs of the growing mobile phone market. Whether trying to reach prospects on an iPhone, Blackberry or other similar device – delivering your business’s content and message to mobile users requires a different focus than your primary website. While your business’s primary website will likely include a tremendous amount of information about your business and more importantly how your business can add value to your clients, a website for mobile users needs to be more focused.

The first question you should ask yourself is what type of information can you provide to mobile phone users that would provide benefit for them. If you run a restaurant – providing an easy to read menu and navigation to your location could be crucial. If your business is delivery services – providing delivery confirmations and information to your customers on their mobile phones could be an important factor in gaining new business and keeping existing customers singing your praises. While many businesses will determine that they have relevant information to share with mobile phone users, many more businesses will not.

If you determine your business should be providing information to mobile users, you need to determine what information you need to provide and how providing that information can positively affect your bottom line profits. Keep in mind, especially in today’s economy, that protecting existing business may be as important as gaining new business. Once you’ve figured out what information you should be sharing with mobile phone users you need to consider how best to present that information to them in a way that they will use.

– Jonathan Mast on Sales, Marketing and the Internet