Passionate …

I’m Jonathan Mast. Sometimes when one thinks of being passionate our thoughts wander towards romance, other times towards those things we are interested in professionally or personally. In this case my goal is to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences as related to a few things I’m am passionate about: sales, marketing and the internet (specifically, how the internet allows us to expand our reach while continuing to focus on our goals and values).

Sit down and spend a while; the journey is worth the effort.


I’m a simple man of faith who has over twenty years of experience in the fields of sales and marketing, over a decade of sales training experience and who has been passionate since the mid 1990’s about the internet and what it means to businesses and organizations. I have a passion for using the internet as a tool to achieve our objectives. Personally, I love my God, my family and am thankful for my life and my passions. Feel free to join me for thoughts, comments, opinions and occasionally some humor.

If you’re interested in internet marketing, sales strategies, entrepreneurship or are engaged in a professional occupation and believe that the internet can be a useful tool to help you achieve your objectives, then please visit often. Either way – thank you for visiting.

God bless!
Jonathan Mast

What & Why?

I talk about my passions here; business, personal, politics, faith and anything else that comes to mind.

  • Business? I’ll talk about my proven EIEIO Online Marketing system.
  • Personal? I’ll talk about my family, hobbies and bountiful blessings.
  • Politics? They say it’s a topic that should be avoided in business. Good news for me . . . this is my personal page! You’re welcome to read my conservative commentary. I welcome discussion – regardless of your political persuasion. One rule though – no name calling. We can debate policies and principles – we don’t demean individuals.
  • Faith? It’s kind of like politics (as in “they” say I shouldn’t talk about it) although it’s the most important thing in my life. I will try not to preach although you will find me to a God fearing man who believes in God’s love and grace. I’m not afraid to discuss religion – although as with politics, no name calling.


PS – would you rather chat than read? I believe in making every effort to meet in person – over breakfast, lunch or coffee (OK – I admit it, I prefer tea although that’s not truly important!). Drop me an email, a text or simply call – if I’m not in a meeting or on the other line I will pick up! Oh – that phone number, 616-929-0790.