Jonathan Mast

Inspirational Speaking & Training

Jonathan, thank you very much for your help with the EIEIO Online Marketing™ workshop. I’ve gotten some very positive feed back and I was very impressed.

Brad Ochsankehl

Owner & Marketing Consultant, O&O Advertising & Media

Energetic – Entertaining – Inspirational!

It has been reported that most people would rather die than have to speak in public. Jonathan Mast is the exception to this rule and loves to share his experiences and expertise with others.

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For Business Groups

For business people and business groups Jonathan Mast regularly speaks about:

  • EIEIO Online Marketing™
  • entrepreneurship
  • sales process improvement
  • growing your business without debt
  • and social media marketing

For Churches and Religious Organizations

For churches and religious organizations Jonathan Mast typically speaks about his Christian upbringing and education that was followed by divorce, bankruptcy and imprisonment. Jonathan shares how God walked with him and his family through these times and used these experiences to allow Jonathan to mature and develop skills and perspectives that God can use to serve and witness to others.