Fathers Day – 2015

by | Jun 21, 2015

I, Jonathan Mast, had a great Father’s Day and had the chance to talk with both of my sons (a key part of my great day!).

We began with a great worship service at Orchard Hill Church and then after a quick lunch at home drove out to the lake (or the West Coast for those of you less familiar with Michigan). We stopped by Vander Mill Ciders in Spring Lake and discovered that not only do they make wonderful hard ciders, they serve great food too! OK – we learned today that they serve great smelling food; we were too full from lunch to eat. They also had a bunch of things for kids and my youngest thoroughly enjoyed the play area, the tractor and the wooden barrels with water on top (not part of the kids area per se – although wonderful fun none the less!). My wife and I enjoyed a couple of tasting flights of ciders while enjoying one of West Michigan’s more beautiful days sitting at an outdoor picnic table nestled in the shade.

After Vander Mill’s we arrived at Lake Michigan and parked at the Grand Haven State Park. A short walk down the beach proved to be fun for everyone and then a stroll along the pier made for an enjoyable walk. It has been years since I have walked from the Grand Haven State Park to the pier and I quickly discovered that my rock climbing abilities are less than they were 20 years ago. The state park has lined the pier (in the water and up onto the beach) with large boulders (think the size of a small car) and years of weather has made them a bit more slippery than I recall. After attempting to circumvent them directly we walked the extra 50 yards to where we could walk through the boulders on the sand instead of attempting to scale them.

The day ended with a tasty dinner at The Village Bakery in Spring Lake, MI and then we attempted a leisurely drive home traversing the winding back roads bordering the Grand River. The drive was non-eventful until one of our states White Tail Deer attempted to play “Frogger” with our car. Thankfully, unlike the ancient video game, I was able to brake and narrowly miss the bounding doe. Prayers of thanks for God’s protection rose from those of us in the car for the next few miles. Nothing like a bit of excitement to bring a bit of life back to a leisurely day!

Special thanks to my wonderful wife for such an amazing day!