Don’t be afraid.

by | Jan 18, 2013

Some seem to think that the President’s most recent 23 Executive Orders are nothing to be concerned with. Others believe differently. Many are scared to speak up for the 2nd Amendment for fear they will be singled out in the future for supporting it.

I don’t know why they never taught the Battle of Athens in history class; I’ll leave those possibilities for a later discussion. For now, let me urge you to watch this video. It details the events of a Battle that took place here in the United States – on our soil – against a corrupt government.

Now – let’s chat. What do you think about the Battle of Athens? The 2nd Amendment? How about President Obama’s most recent 23 executive orders?

NOTE: I welcome ALL opinions here on my blog although I do not tolerate name calling or profanity. This great country of the United States, for the moment, guarantees that we have the freedom to our opinion – and that applies whether we agree on those opinions or not. So comment away – just be nice 🙂