Looking for a few motivated entrepreneurs

Looking for a few motivated entrepreneurs

I’m looking for three entrepreneurs who would be interested in partnering with Valorous Circle LLC to operate their own business. Do you know anyone with a strong entrepreneurial drive that is passionate about any of the following topics: Wine Micro Brews...

Invasion of the Bunnies – Part two

I think my “bunny tenants” are about ready to move out. I don’t admit to knowing much about rabbits although each of the kit’s eyes are now open and I believe they are fast approaching the time that they will be leaving my garden (of their own...

Hot tip for anyone applying for a job in today’s business market . . . don’t send your resume in any version other than a PDF file. A PDF can be opened on any computer or mobile device. That Microsoft Word format – not necessarily; that obscure format that I don’t recognize (and neither does my computer) RTFD – are you kidding? We have two full time positions open at the moment and it shouldn’t be this hard to read a resume. Make it EASY to like you! Send your resume in PDF format and ensure that anyone you send it to will be able to open it easily!

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