Build it (a website) and they will come. WRONG!

by | Mar 26, 2013

You might think as a web design firm that we’d be promoting the idea that a website can solve all of your marketing problems . . . right? WRONG!

We do believe that a good looking, user friendly, simple to use website is indeed crucial to your marketing success. We believe your website should be the center of your marketing efforts (both online and off). We DO NOT believe that a website alone is enough though. Having a great website without the necessary marketing plan is like having a great looking car without an engine or wheels.

So – what is a business or non-profit to do? Simple. We call it EIEIO Online Marketing:

Step 1: Get a good looking, easy to navigate website. Make sure your website content is keyword rich, easy to read and relevant to your target audience.

Step 2: Setup a blog as part of your website.

Step 3: Create a content calendar to help you plan out what type of content you will be creating and sharing with your audience.

Step 4: Setup the appropriate social media channels for your business. For most organizations these will be (click on the link to each to setup your channels):

Step 5: Link your blog to your social media channels so that your newly created blog content is sent out to your various social media channels.

Step 6: Create relevant landing pages on your website to provide specific pages on your website to support your various marketing campaigns.

Step 7: Start blogging regularly (we recommend at least once a week).

Step 8: Collect email addresses for email marketing.

Step 9: Send out targeted email newsletters sharing EIEIO (Entertain, Inspire, Educate, Instruct, Outrage!) content to the email list that you have built on your website.

After 90 days . . . you should now have a library of relevant engaging content on your blog. When you do, it is time to start sharing this content out to your social media channels on a regular basis.

Step 10: Re-share and re-title your best content to your social media channels.

Step 11: Continue and repeat.

Do you have questions about how to implement EIEIO Online Marketing for your organization? Feel free to contact us.

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