An open letter to the Michigan DNR regarding the Invasive Species Order and its enforcement

by | Apr 17, 2012

Many of you know I’m as passionate about protecting our rights as I am about promoting business and organizations online. My current “windmill” to fight is the Michigan DNR over their armed enforcement of the Invasive Species Order. Currently, DNR agents are raiding farms (yes, that is right, farms) to kill what they determine to be feral hogs. I believe the Invasive Species Order and it’s provisions are a direct attack on our rights and although I do not blame the individual DNR agents for doing their job, I am in strong objection to their leadership who is ordering these armed raids and subsequent prosecution of Michigan farmers.

Here is my letter to Rodney Stokes, Director of the DNR and Rick Snyder the Governor:

I would like to express my deep concern for the current actions of the DNR in determining what is a feral hog and enforcement under the Michigan Invasive Species Order.

Although I am fully supportive of removing feral hogs from our state I am appalled at the methodology being pursued to promote this objective. I have reviewed the act and find it shameful that the sole determination, as I read the act, as to whether a hog is illegal or not is based upon visual inspection. The criteria itself is severely flawed in my opinion, essentially makes any hog that is not totally white potentially illegal to own and thereby making the farmer who owns that hog a felon. I am further discouraged to read that armed DNR agents have raided farms in Michigan with the sole intention of destroying hogs that are being kept for agricultural purposes and that are clearly not feral as they are neither wild nor running amok through Michigan. I believe that these actions on the part of the DNR are a violation of our constitutional rights and as such I am also in contact with my state representative and the Governor’s office asking them to force an immediate stop to all activities to kill hogs on farms and prosecute the farmers who own them.

Although I generally fully appreciate the role that the Michigan DNR takes in maintaining our abundant wildlife and natural resources in Michigan, I am truly appalled at this latest move to eradicate hogs that are not feral. Why not open up a year round season on wild hogs – a shoot on sight provision that would allow anyone with a license to hunt feral hogs? This would effectively eradicate our state of any wild/feral hogs and would cost the tax payers virtually nothing.

I would ask that in your role as director [governor] you take immediate action to ensure that:

    • the DNR stays off farms
    • the DNR repeals the Invasive Species Order to not include ALL swine that are under the husbandry of humans no matter how they are raised.
    • The order is repealed as it denies consumers their rights to access foods of their choice.
    • The order is repealed as it violates farmers’ property rights and the right to make a living.

I welcome your response.

Thank you in advance.