A Simple SEO Tip – Optimize Your Page Titles

by | Apr 8, 2013

Rank higher on Google and get more traffic to your website by Optimizing Your Page Titles

Adding meta titles to your the pages on your website is one of  the first things you should do to let search engines know, “Hello, I’m here, and I’m relevant for this audience based on these keywords”. The good news, it’s simple too! In most cases it is as simple as ensuring that your keywords are in the title you choose when you create a new page or blog post.

Before you begin – know your keywords/keyword phrases.

Every good SEO professional will tell you that prior to beginning an SEO campaign, they will need to find what the relevant keywords for your industry and/or audience are. The good news is that you can do this keyword research yourself; in many cases you will know your industry better than any consultant.

Do some keyword research, and find out what the most relevant keywords for your website/blog are. How? Here are a few quick keyword tips:

  • check out Google’s keyword tool
  • check out your top competitor’s page titles on their website
  • focus on long tail keywords – these are multiple words that make up a single keyword phrase – these are almost always easier to rank well for

How to you optimize your keyword titles?

  1. Pick your keyword(s)/keyword phrase(s)
  2. Ensure that your keyword(s)/keyword phrase(s) is part of the title of your page and your website pages meta title tag.

Note – don’t get confused and focus your time on the meta-descriptions of your website pages. Google has announced (2012) that it no longer uses the information in your meta-description to determine page rank. Google will analyze your content though so your meta-title and your content do matter!

You likely know by now that we create wonderful websites based on two of the most popular open source content management systems in the world – WordPress and Joomla! Why? Well, it’s quite simple. We want you to be able to make changes to and update your website without needing to be a programmer. This SEO tip is something that you can do if you have a website from Valorous Circle LLC or one based on WordPress or Joomla!. This tip will also work with virtually every other website in the world although it may be a bit more difficult to do.