Blogging – Is it the Missing Link in Your Online Marketing Strategy? 6 Reasons You Need to Start Blogging Today

by | Feb 18, 2013

Would you like 300% more traffic to your website?

If you do not have a blog on your website you are missing out on loads of traffic.

A few years back with the World Wide Web gaining craze and popularity, blogging became a word we began hearing about regularly. All of a sudden, it seemed that everyone from young mothers, home-makers, grandparents and businessmen . . . everyone was blogging. Personal blogs started springing up everywhere on the internet and blogging networks began to spring up connecting similar bloggers and blogs. The business world did not burry its head in the sand when it came to this new fad. Businesses saw blogs as a potential tool to spread the word about their products and services by attracting their target crowds and these businesses started including blogs in their marketing strategies.

Today, we have learned that blogging is not going away and that blogging works for all kinds of businesses, even for those with a limited budget for marketing. Our clients who blog often see their website traffic increase by 300% or more. Blogging is an essential tool in creating the content you need to establish yourself and your business as experts in your industry.

Following are 6 reasons why you need to make blogging an essential part of your online marketing strategy:

  1. Low-cost online marketing medium: Adding a blog to yor website is inexpensive, often costing as little as $100. We do recommend that your blog be integrated with your website in order to get the most “Google juice” from your work. Alternatively, you can open a blog account on WordPress or Blogger for free and that’s all you need to get start! Once your own domain name is registered and you have your blog in your server space, it gives your business a better search engine ranking.
  2. Attract target traffic to your business site: If your blog has a regular following of subscribers, you can redirect them to other areas of your business website with the idea of converting leads or interests into sales. You can make the videos and articles on your blog SEO-friendly by making an SEO keyword list and this will attract paid and free searches to your blog. Also, you can include your blog URL on social networking websites to encourage fans and friends to follow your blog.
  3. Update content: When you build your business website, it becomes static after a while without frequent changes. As a result, you will lose the ground you have gained with the search engines. Even if your current ranking is high because of the use of SEO keywords, with time, the rankings change because of the lack of updated information. By having a blog, you can update your content on a regular basis without having to make changes in your business landing page.
  4. Increasing public relations with your business: Blogs are an effective way to garner support from the public since they know who you are through your regular online interactions with them. This will give your business a good standing and reputation that can be especially helpful if you ever experience bad press for some reason.
  5. Advertise your expertise: You can use your blog to advertise your products and services by having photographs and small, interesting write-ups about them. Since blogs are interactive, you can have people commenting and posting questions so it’s a good way to gain customer opinion and suggestion.
  6. Networking with similar businesses: Blogging as a marketing strategy also works well in the sense that it helps you establish online networks with similar businesses. Having an effective network with businesses implies increasing your network of customers too.

BONUS: You can use your blog as a library for all of your online content and have the posts to your blog automatically post to your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter social media channels. The RSS feed from your blog contains all the information that your social media channels need to syndicate your content while you focus on your work.

Do you have questions about blogging or getting a blog for your business? Drop me a line and I’d be happy to assist.

What other reasons can you share as reasons to have a blog as part of your marketing strategy?