Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

Philippians 2:3

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VIDEO: A Conference Call in “Real Life”

The Dynamics of a Group Conference Call in Real Life We’ve all been there before . . . the need for a group conference call. “”Ding” John here. Hello, is anyone on the call?” Here’s a great video for a bit of Friday humor to...

The Michigan Board of Education Has Lost it’s Mind

For those of you living in Michigan or who have children or grand children in Michigan I urge you to take a moment and review the Michigan State Board of Education’s proposed recommendations to allow children to choose their gender affiliation, name and sports teams without any inclusion of the child’s parents.

TED Talk – This is what happens when you reply to spam email

We have all received tons of SPAM email messages with catchy titles like: Your account balance is $64.202.23 Want to make around $2,500 per day FOREVER? Google sent you $1800! $2500 per Week is waiting for You. and many more . . . Have you ever wondered what would...

4 Steps to KICK BUTT Local SEO

I just wrote a new blog post over at Valorous Circle’s website entitled: “4 Simple Steps to KICK BUTT LOCAL SEO“ The post will be available tomorrow morning (Monday) at 8am. Make sure to take a look at it to learn how to kick your competition’s...

Shooting Squirrels Out the Window

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday day yet I’m not sure I feel like going out. This Thanksgiving weekend has been wonderful although a bit tiring too. Today I’m content to sit and watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks enjoying the bird feeders outside...

Jonathan Mast

Jonathan Mast

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Jonathan Mast is Chief Internet Strategist at Valorous Circle. In this role, Jonathan leads a team providing all aspects of internet strategy and marketing.

Before joining Valorous Circle LLC in 2010, Jonathan worked for over 18 years for a diverse range of organizations, including two small business start-ups, an international IT service business, and a division of the federal government. Drawing on several years experience in sales, marketing and training, Jonathan now focuses on developing internet strategies for clients and assisting businesses and organizations with the formation and execution of their online engagement, marketing and social media strategies.

Jonathan Mast

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